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Grant-Kohrs national historic site is a park located in western Montana in the town of Deer Lodge, About 50 miles west of Helena Montana. Grant Kohrs was founded and constructed by John Francis Grant, A Canadian fur trader from Alberta. Grant followed his father into the Idaho territory, he would   leave his father and join the with the Cattle trade, In response to the Oregon trail creating the demand for cattle. Grant would find success in the Deer lodge valley in Montana, and build his house in 1862 on his ranch. here he would convince other traders to settle nearby and founded the town of Deer lodge. Grant would move back to Alberta and sell his ranch to Kohrs in 1866. Conrad Kohrs was born in wewelsfelth. Kohrs traveled the world until finally coming to California in the looks for gold and riches. His search would eventually lead him to Montana where he would find success in butcher shops creating an empire beginning with the ranch, he bought from Grant in 1866. 

Grant-Kohrs Ranch is truly special. This ranch captures and preserves the American spirit and cattle industry of the frontier in the 1800s. Grant-Kohrs is a snapshot of these times giving visitors an insight of the time, all while still being a working ranch. 

Things to do

As for things to do in this peaceful Montana park, there’s a bunch! You can take a self-guided tour of almost all the buildings still intact, All besides the house. For the house you’ll need tickets. but on the bright side they’re free. Tours have a 12-person limit and the last tour is at at 3:30. You can also participate in Ranger programs when available, which include movies or demonstrations of some of the building as they would be used back in the day. Although Grant-Kohrs is a small park, it’s pretty awesome and worth a visit. 

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Grant-Kohrs ranch NHS Vistor center

Grant-Kohrs ranch -Deer lodge, MT


Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS

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