Roundtrip back home.

It’s been awhile since i have got back from idaho to my  home in georgia. I decided to drive back so i thought i would share my road trip experience with you. This wasn’t my first road trip and I doubt it will be my last, so i pre planned this one just like the … Continue reading Roundtrip back home.

Seaside Oregon

I imagine Seaside Oregon is usually way prettier than it was when my friends and I were visiting. Seaside  was the second part of our road trip. The Smoke from the fires that were happening made the area  have an overcast and was slightly  foggy. but just like in Spokane we didn’t let that get … Continue reading Seaside Oregon

A night in Spokane

As I went to the Spokane airport to pick up my friends whom I haven’t seen in a year since moving to idaho. The smoke from the fires all across the northwest made the whole sky foggy, but we didn’t let that ruin our night. This was the first night of a 9 day road … Continue reading A night in Spokane