Seaside Oregon

I imagine Seaside Oregon is usually way prettier than it was when my friends and I were visiting. Seaside  was the second part of our road trip. The Smoke from the fires that were happening made the area  have an overcast and was slightly  foggy. but just like in Spokane we didn’t let that get in our way; we didn’t come this far just to give up. We arrived relatively late.. We rested up at the hotel that was right on the river. Once we were feeling more rested, we decided to check out the town and of course the beach.  The beach was our first stop, we couldn’t see much due to the smoke but there were still a lot of people out there enjoying the beach, the water was a little too cold to swim in but the rest  was okay. Downtown seaside was the real treat. My favorite was probably the carousel mall. It wasn’t anything big, just a small carousel in a  mall, but I really enjoyed the vibe. During the time we were walking around downtown, my friend efti came up with an idea. Efti’s idea was to get a volleyball at a local store and play some on the beach and maybe create an   opportunity to meet new people. We didn’t know the first thing about volleyball. When we got to the net with a brand new red and blue volleyball. We just started playing with it, hitting it back and forth. We slowly accumulated a small audience watching our game even having some people join in. The following morning   we visited the Aquarium that was located right on the boardwalk. But the special thing about the aquarium was the seal room. It was a room with a pool in it with about 10 seals all with unique personalities. you can watch them bark, slap their belly, or even splash . If you pay about 5 bucks you can buy some fish to feed them with. Seaside was a great place overall.although I wish I could see it in its full force. Maybe next time.

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