A night in Spokane

As I went to the Spokane airport to pick up my friends whom I haven’t seen in a year since moving to idaho. The smoke from the fires all across the northwest made the whole sky foggy, but we didn’t let that ruin our night. This was the first night of a 9 day road trip across the northwest. In spokane we were only supposed to get a hotel and stay 1 night, as their flight got in relatively late in the afternoon. It felt great to reconnect with my friends . My friend Efti, was hungry and suggested we go downtown and see what we could find. Naturally I was down. any chance to explore and see what a new  place has to offer sounded great to me. We took an uber to downtown and ate dinner at Red Robin ( because we were having trouble finding anything else). Although the dinner was great the best part was yet to come. We eventually found our way to riverfront park, where we saw others riding those lime scooters. A lime scooter is a rental scooter service you rent one from an app. So we checked a couple out, although our friend Jonathan wasn’t particularly thrilled. We rode the scooter throughout the park. We drove over the bridge and saw the river, under the lite up liliac bowl. It was during the night so we couldn’t see a lot but what we did was worth it and plus the scooters were fun.

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