Palouse falls

Over the weekend, I finally decided to get out of town. I went to go check out Palouse fall State park .Not going to lie this park was a little secluded. The dirt road that the park was off on had me questioning if I was going the right way. So the park whole thing is the giant waterfall, Palouse falls. As a water fall is got to be one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long, very picturesque. The falls was a lot larger than I expected, the falls are around 200 feet tall! The park requires you to buy a daily parking pass which is $10 or you can but the annual discover price for all Washington state parks which is $30. I went on a Wednesday and it had a lot of people so if you’re going on the weekend maybe expect a large crowd. Straight from the parking lot you can see the falls (from my opinion the best angle) so you don’t need to walk far. The park offers a small official trail, but if you’re feeling adventurous there is an unofficial trail that is beside the train track that will take you to the river that would eventually lead to the falls, although I would be careful with this trail as it can be slightly steep coupled with some lose rocks makes it risky (I will add pictures of this area for you).  Although this state park is kind of out there, I still recommend it. It’s a great place for spending a day outdoors.

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