My First Geocache

After a rainy couple of days, it was finally sunny, so much it blinded me a little. Today seem like the perfect day to try geocaching, a friend recommended it to me. Basically, you download this app and it will tell you general location of hidden cache people have hidden. I thought I would try Afterall it was a nice day just to take a walk anyways. I click on the map and found the closes cache to me; it wasn’t too far right in the downtown. The description    explain that it was the hiders first hide . So, the app leads me to this parking lot that didn’t seem to be an open lot , chains post prevents cars to actually enter. So, I started looking around. There couldn’t be too many places to hide something in a parking lot, right?

The parking lot.

I was fiddling with and old sprinkler spout thinking it was maybe hidden in there. This was my first time I have no idea what these things looked like. After that I gave in and click hint on the app and it said “light post”. There were only 2 light posts in the lot so it had to be one of them. The light post were in grassy islands. I examined the base of the post finding the base can be lifted and that’s where I found it. It looks as if someone glued two bottlecaps together, I unscrewed the lid to fine a googly eye, Penny, and what seem to be a list of previous finders. The list was unreadable as it seems the container wasn’t water proof and the ink was smeared. I of course put it back where I found it and claimed that I found it. 

So, what’s my take away from this whole little experience? I really enjoyed it, not going to lie made me feel like a treasure hunter tracking down my prize by solving riddles. I will definitely try this again and probably post my stories on my blog.

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