Rainy day at Tucannon

Today I decided to get out of the house. Admittedly not the best day, no thanks to the overcast and drizzle of rain. Now I went out with no objective or something to do just went out to explore. So, I ended up Near Little goose dam at Tucannon HMU.  Tucannon HMU is a Habitat Management unit that’s operated by USACE located on the Tucannon river. You can fish, hunt and all types of things. I don’t know how to fish and have never been hunting so I don’t how good it’s for those things. I just appreciated the fresh air and took what I think are some nice pictures. I also saw some birds as you might now, I started the hobby of birding. I didn’t see many but I saw a couple of Red wing black birds.  Now I know that Western Washington is way more known than Eastern Washington, but places like these are excellent examples of what eastern Washington brings to the table. Every place in the world has a uniqueness quality  and should be appreciated for it. 

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