Bracken berry Square Lewiston, ID

Brackenberry square is located in the heart of downtown Lewiston Idaho, right off main street. The square isn’t large but it’s an important part of the downtown area. The square has a stage for live performances, picnic area and a Fountain. I always enjoy walking through and sitting down drinking my morning coffee and just enjoying the atmosphere. The square is walk in only and it connects the sidewalks of main street to D street. Going in from the main street you’ll see the statue of children playing named the “The dance” and was sculpted by David G sears. The square originally was the hotel Idaho until a fire burned the hotel down on January 9, 1970, an info board beside the statue explains it in more detail. The Hotel and the family that worked has a rich link to the city of Lewiston, and after the fire Lewiston bought the land and made it into Brackenberry square. On the other side of the square is an info board in honor and tells the story of Mary Elaine Cole Brackenberry the daughter of the family.  I like brackenberry for what it is, a small city park, a place to sit and enjoy a lunch and if you’re lucky see some live performances. All information   was learned from the info boards and exploring the square. 

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