My Coolworks story.

To start off with what is Coolworks? Coolworks is a website that offers simple entry level jobs with most of time including housing. These jobs can be in or around national parks or all over the country. Coolworks has a lot of options for jobs but most are simple entry level positions like cashier or front desk at a hotel, but every now and then there will be some unique positions. Now with that out of the way time to tell you my experiences with  Coolworks . The first I heard of coolworks I was in a weird time in my life, I was 20 and at community college. i was kind of in the dumps, felt kind of like running in place and stagnant.  Don’t get me wrong college was good but I have an itch for adventure and seeing new things but money and opportunities were rare. Before coolworks I have never been really too far from Georgia the furthest at the time was Wyoming with my family in a first vacation in a long time . Let me add to that I was super shy and lack all confidence in myself, college help me build a little bit but nothing crazy. So, like I said I was in the dumps, having a longing feeling for adventure like I was missing something crucial to who I am but never being able to do anything about that. One night I was determined to do something, and I stumbled  across coolworks mostly because they had “jobs in national parks” tab . I look through the positions and felt over whelmed at first with positions ranging all over the country. I thought to myself if I could even do this. But I applied to as many as I could possibly can anyways. Weeks past with no words from anyone, thought It was just another dead end. About a month later I got a call from a company that was operating some of the gift shops at the Grand Canyon. I got the job at the canyon and was excited.I was going to be starting in a couple of weeks. I had just enough to buy a cheap one-way ticket to Arizona, and I filled my suit case with clothes and grabbed my backpack and my family drove me to the airport and sent me off on my way. Then it hit me, I’m on my own if I mess up my family would be across the country. I have never done anything on my own before, I have always been super shy and  my family has done everything for me while I did bare minimum. Just to give you an idea by that time I only recently gained the confidence to buy things in stores (embarrassing I know). So, I could have gone back and caught my family before they drove off and maybe try again in a year, but I remembered how lost I was before and how frustrating it was so I continued. I got on the plane and my nerves were off the charts. the plane took off and we landed in phoenix sky harbor. I got off, I had a connection to flagstaff in an hour so I thought I could walk the nerves off just to relax a bit. I got to a window and saw the desert out there; the desert was completely foreign to me.  I know a lot of people don’t think that this would be a big deal but to me this was a tremendous step for me out of my comfort zone. I then flew to flagstaff and got a cheap hotel near the train station (the job would provide a pickup van from the station the next day).  I walked around the town just checking it out  taking in all the new experiences, I couldn’t help but feel my confidence grow. I woke up and met with the pickup van and headed to the canyon to meet with my job for check in. They would give me a temporary room in a trailer in  the workers area and told me the next day someone would come by and pick me up to take me to my work area, as I would work in desert view. Desert view was a part of the park  that was isolated from the main south rim. The rest of the day I had to myself to explore the park. First thing first I went to check out the canyon which was breathtaking, Then I  got my stamps but that’s for another time. The following day I was droved to desert view and showed to the apartment I was staying at and  the people I would be sharing it with. Then the next thing I knew I was thrown into work, I had to act on my feet and learn fast we were short and it was high season and there was  no time for nerves. The job was to be cashier a job I thought I could never do but with the lack of other workers I was also stocking, cleaning, checking items and all the responsibilities that come with working retail. The people there was the best part for me, those people were really good people and helped me stand on my own and become more comfortable with myself and my surroundings and I could not thank them enough, I was so lucky to had those people.  the 2 months went by so fast and I  was a  changed person, almost unrecognizable. I was loads more confident with myself and what I can do. It’s crazy what you can do when you’re pushed and not be scared and I kind of owe a lot of that to coolworks  and all they people that I’ve met with it. Since then I have always tried to push myself out of my comfort zone, and that has taken me to many amazing places.  maybe coolworks could help you set off on your journey like it helped me. 

Coolworks link.

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