Grant-Kohrs Ranch (11/13/19)

I visited Grant-Kohrs on my road trip to Washington from Georgia with my dad. As we go, we were trying to hit as many national park sites as we can. Grant-Kohrs was on the tail end of our road trip by then we already hit so big name like Badlands and the Gateway arch. Its snowed in Montana the night before, are whole trip was followed by the snow, understandably it was early November. We enjoyed the snow, being from the south snow was rare. We got to Grant-Kohrs in the morning and we were the only people there (besides the rangers). The first thing we did of course was visit the Visitor center to get our stamp and talked to the ranger. The ranger was super nice and very informative. Then we went on a self-guided tour of the ranch, sadly we couldn’t tour the house as we didn’t have enough time. The first part of the ranch we came across was the stables. With Grant-Kohrs still an active ranch of course it still had horses in the stable, I don’t know what type of horses they had but they were gorgeous (I’ll added a picture of them). After that we made our way down to the rest of the ranch. It was crazy to see these old buildings as they would look back in the day. What stuck with me the most of Grant-Kohrs was the backdrop, I don’t know if it was the snow on the mountains that made them pop or the mountains themselves but it was super awesome!   

Check out my park profile of the park

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