5 reason why you should start collecting National Park cancellations stamps

#5 Its low cost

It’s doesn’t get much better than Cheap! Although you will have to pay out for the stamp books but it’s not a requirement you can use a notebook or whatever! while the ink stamps themselves are completely free!

#4 Its fun for all ages

Stamp collecting is all inclusive! and fun for all ages! from small kids to seniors. it doesn’t matter what age you are. with this broad audience this is something you and your whole family can enjoy.

#3 Engaging with the park

While you’re stamping you are engaging with the parks! you simply just being there you are taking in new experiences and learning about the park. With most stamps being in visitors look around explore and maybe even talk to a Nearby ranger, maybe you’ll learn something new!

#2 discovering new parks

With 419 National park sites, there is always somewhere to explore. Stamp collecting has taken me to place i would have never know about that was right around the corner from me, Exposing me to new places and people! Who know where it will take you and what you be able to discover.

#1 creating memories

And most important number 1, Creating memories. when you’re alone or enjoying the parks with a family, you’re creating lastly memories. Parks are amazing places to visit even if you’re not collecting stamps. Stamps are just icing on the cake.

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